Tru Ryderz Motorcycle Club - The Thrill of the Ride Continues On!!!
 Want to represent TRU Ryderz in your city?
TRU Ryderz is a vastly growing co-ed organization of motorcycle riders who not only ride in their communities but give back with a minimum of one charitable event a year. As a past front runner for social events, we pride ourselves on spreading TRU love throughout the United States. By bringing the TRU Ryderz name to your area, you will not only join a network of brothers and sisters but you will also introduce your community to a service-oriented organization. We are not based on the many but on the worthy, so numbers are not our goal. It is the quality of the people within TRU that keeps us strong. So, if this is a venture you would like to partake in, complete the below request for new chapter startup and let's talk. Please include in the comments the total number of members, location desired, names and potential positions, dominant 1% club in area and any communication that you have received for introduction of a TRU chapter to your desired area and of course what you can bring to TRU to help it grow as an organization inyour community.
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